Costa Rica 2024

Cup of Excellence: Costa Rica Cup of Excellence 2024 is made up of three distinct categories: the *Traditional Washed Processes; the *Traditional Semi Washed, Honey & Natural Processes; and the *Experimental Category The Cup of Excellence recognizes the top 10 coffees of each category that have been deemed exceptional by our International Jury, each scoring 87 and above and undergoing a minimum of five distinct cupping sessions. Coffees are packaged in 30kg boxes, each containing two 15kg vacuum-packed bags

National Winners: The National Winner lots are coffees scoring 85+ points during the International Phase by the Cup of Excellence National Jury and International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process

International Jury Week: June 3-7, 2024
COE Auction: July 25, 2024
NW Auction: July 22-26, 2024

The Award Ceremony will occur at FINCA INTEGRAL SAN FRANCISCO on June 7th, located at Copey de Dota. Doña Seidy and her husband run this farm and are proud to bring a farm-to-table style, where agriculture and nature converge.

*Traditional Washed Processes: Lots allowed within this category are exclusively those processed using the traditional washed method, where coffee cherries undergo meticulous washing to remove the outer skin and mucilage. This ensures that only coffees with the distinctive attributes of the washed process, such as clean acidity and clarity of flavour, are considered for evaluation in the competition.

**Traditional Semi-Washed, Honey & Natural Processes: Lots eligible for this category must adhere to traditional processing methods, including semi-washed, honey, and natural processes, ensuring a consistent standard of evaluation. This requirement emphasizes the importance of preserving the authentic characteristics and flavours associated with these traditional processing techniques

***Experimental: Semi Washed, Washed, honey, naturals processes that are differentiated from the traditional processing methods and/or have undergone an innovation at a stage of preparing the lot. Done with the purpose of developing complex or exotic flavours and
aromas in a cup, produced in a biochemically natural way.

Adrian Ramírez
Armando Jara
Francine Ramírez
Diego Robelo
Dylan Aguilera
Aquilera Brothers
Francisco Castro
The Coffee Source
Jennifer Arias
Café Directo
Jose Javier Carmona
Exclusive Coffees
Josué Abarca
Lucas Badilla
Noel Arrieta

The Organizing Country Commissions is the commission that goes to the in country partner host organization to pay for operational expenses of hosting the event.

*The winning coffees have been selected and scored in blind cuppings. The winning farm and the specific coffee lot information is submitted by each farmer and is not known to the public until the awards ceremony.  ACE assumes the farm information is correct and up to date but is not responsible should some information change before or after the auction.   Bidders should assess the value of each coffee based on quality in the cup and its appropriateness for their company. Farm information is for educational purposes only but can be used to help sell the winning coffees.