Partnership Opportunities

Our global coffee family – farmers, roasters, importers, baristas, educators, millers, organizers and consumers – are all connected through a mission to discover quality and reward excellence. 

They are consumers of:

Consuming equipment & materials for:

  • Coffee roasting: in labs, businesses or at home
  • Coffee packaging
  • Coffee brewing: including grinding, dosing and boiling water
  • Cupping coffee: cupping bowls, spoons
  • Evaluating coffee

Origin specific equipment for:

  • Growing and picking coffee
  • Processing coffee
  • Milling coffee
  • Transporting coffee

Enjoying coffee:

  • Glassware & sustainable materials
  • Event space
  • Complementary food and beverages such as pastries, beer and wine

As a nonprofit with a mission to empower and improve the lives of coffee producers, we are grateful to have a supporting coffee community who shares our values. To continue advancing excellence in coffee and driving positive change in our specialty coffee industry, we are always looking for partners – both in and outside of the industry. 


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