Jury Application

The 2024 COE Competition Season is underway.  Applications for International Jurors and Observers are now being accepted.

Be sure to read through all information below to fully understand the rules for the 2024 application process.

Considerations for Selecting the International Jury

  • The participating company supports the Cup of Excellence program
  • Selection is based on forming a jury that has a diverse geographical balance
  • Applicant’s skill level and prior Cup of Excellence International Jury participation
  • A timely application

Jury Applicants Must:

  • Be a skilled cupper willing to adhere to competition protocols
  • Understand and speak English
  • Be associated with a professional coffee company
  • Be a positive participant in all aspects of the event to ensure a successful competition

How To Apply & Confirmation Information

  • When applying, select four (4) COE countries, in order of preference.  Juries have limited capacity and fill up quickly. ACE will make every effort to offer qualified jurors one (1) of the four (4) requested countries.  Please note: applying as a COE juror does not guarantee placement.
  • If applying for Ethipoia, a separate application specific to Ethiopia is required. Please indicate your additional choices as well.
  • ACE will contact you via email with a formal letter indicating your invitation to serve on a particular COE country’s jury.
  • After receiving invitation and placement on a COE Jury, applicants must respond with their acceptance and pay the one-time jury fee within ten (10) business days. If the applicant fails to respond and pay the fee in the designated time, the jury position may be forfeited and offered to another applicant.
  • Your jury spot will not be confirmed until payment has cleared COE’s account at which point you will be notified by COE.  At this point, your jury spot will be confirmed.
  • The jury fee is valid for one jury/observer spot. If an individual is placed on more than one jury, an additional jury fee will be required.
  • Further information (ex. location, hotel accommodations, farm tours, etc.) will be sent at a later date.
  • Your application and jury placement are not transferable to another juror within your company. If you are not able to attend, you must notify COE as soon as possible.
    Do not purchase air transportation until you have received and accepted the formal invitation, and received confirmation from ACE that payment for the jury fee has cleared. 

Jury Fees & Expenses

The jury fee is based on your ACE membership status. Jury fees are returned to the COE host country to offset the cost of the competition.

You will not pay the jury fee when applying. A link for payment will be sent via email once you have been placed on a jury. After receiving your official invitation, you will have ten (10) business days to accept the invitation and pay the fee.

Jurors are responsible for air fare to and from the competition.


Paid jury fees are non-refundable*.

If you accept a jury invitation and need to cancel, please let ACE know immediately. Hotel reservation deposits are often nonrefundable and therefore, lost if we are unable to find a juror replacement. ACE staff may offer you a spot on another jury (subject to availability).

*In the event a COE country and/or international jury are canceled due to cancelation of the program or unforeseen circumstances, the paid jury fee will be credited or refunded.

Please agree to the following before filling out the Jury Application:(Required)