Upcoming Auctions

Farmers can’t postpone or cancel their harvest, which is why we intend to continue our online auctions during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Our mission of supporting and rewarding farmers is more vital then ever. ⁠

That being said, we are also committed to the safety of our staff, partners, and jurors. We are temporarily suspending our International Juries and have a new, safer cupping protocol that will be used to evaluate the coffees. You can learn more about this protocol and how we’re adapting here.

2021 Auction Dates


COE Auction: June 3rd


COE Auction: June 29th
NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th


COE Auction: July 7th
NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th


COE Auction: July 15th
NW Auction: July 12th – 23rd


COE Auction: July 27th
NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th

Costa Rica

COE Auction: July 29th
NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th


COE Auction: August 19th
NW Auction: August 9th – 20th

El Salvador

COE Auction: August 10th
NW Auction: August 2nd – 13th


COE Auction: November 18th
NW Auction: November 15th – 26th


COE Auction: December 16th
NW Auction: December 6th – 17th


COE Auction: December 2nd
NW Auction: November 29th – December 10th


COE Auction: December 9th
NW Auction: December 6th – 17th

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