Santa Felisa 2024 PCA

Santa Felisa farmer with ripe coffee berries
Santa Felisa farm holding beautiful ripe berries
Beautiful red coffee beans growing on the plant of Santa Felisa
Santa Felisa logo

SANTA FELISA RESERVA ESPECIAL PCA 2024 Indulge in the beloved flavor.

The auction will be on: 

New York: 17th June | 19:00 hrs
London: 18th June | 00:00 hrs
Seoul: 18th June | 08:00 hrs

In collaboration with ACE, we are very happy and honored to announce our 14th Reserva Especial edition. A at festival of aromas, fragrances, flavors in unique fermentation processes awaits us.

The 18 years of knowledge, technique and research of Anabella Meneses (Licensed Q-Grader / Q-Processing Expert) backed by the tradition and culture of 120 years of family tradition, supports our multidimensional terroir high-end coffees. Geishas, Pacamaras, Sl-28, Sudan Rume will be on our menu to delight in this PCA “Reserva Especial 14th Edition” auction. Join us and embrace complete COFFEEPHILE knowledge !


The concept of a “coffee-phile” revolves around an individual who possesses a deep and intense passion for coffee. This person is not merely a casual consumer but rather someone who embraces the entire coffee experience, from selecting and brewing beans to savoring each sip with reverence and appreciation.

A coffee-phile is likely to explore various coffee origins, brewing methods, and flavor profiles, constantly seeking new ways to indulge in their beloved beverage. Their love for coffee goes beyond mere enjoyment; it becomes a lifestyle, an integral part of their identity, and a source of comfort and inspiration in their daily lives.