El Injerto 2024 PCA

Unleash the vibrant secrets of rare varietals on El Injerto’s exquisite and limited micro-lots!

The auction will be on July 23, 2024.

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A Legacy of Excellence: Bid on Unforgettable Coffees in Our 13th Private Auction!

For 13 years, our private auction has been the haven for discerning coffee connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle of taste. This year, we invite you to experience the magic once again, with rare, award-winning lots of Geishas and Pacamaras, cultivated with an unwavering commitment to meticulous detail and exceptional microclimates.

What sets our coffees apart?

  • Decades of expertise: We cultivate coffee with generations of knowledge and a relentless pursuit of quality, resulting in award-winning beans recognized on the world stage.
  • Microclimatic magic: Nestled in a haven of perfect altitude, rainfall, and sunshine, our farms nurture coffees bursting with complex flavor and vibrant aroma.
  • Unwavering attention to detail: From meticulous hand-picking to innovative processing techniques, every step is carefully orchestrated to unlock the coffee’s full potential.

What are you yearning for?

  • An explosion of floral notes and delicate sweetness? Our Geishas will tantalize your senses with their ethereal complexity.
  • A rich, full-bodied experience with tropical fruits undertones? Our Pacamaras will leave you wanting more.

This is your chance to:

  • Own a piece of our legacy: Secure exceptional lots cultivated with generations of passion and expertise.
  • Impress the most discerning palates: Share these limited-edition coffees and become the host of unforgettable tasting experiences.
  • Discover the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship: Uncork a world of sensory delights, cultivated with meticulous care and an unwavering commitment to perfection.

Join our private auction and embark on a journey of exceptional coffee!

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