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How can I join the international jury?

The international jury is selected by ACE. All cuppers interested in joining a jury as a judge are required to register here if already a member, if not Join us here. Any cupper who has not already been on a Cup of Excellence international jury will be required to join as an ‘observer’ before becoming a full scoring judge. All Cup of Excellence jurors and observers must have significant cupping skill and experience, a love of great coffee and a desire to reward hard-working farmers. Jurors must be members of ACE.

Is this competition open to all coffee growers?

Yes, the Cup of Excellence program is designed to allow any farmer in the country to submit one sample without any fee.
It is one of the few programs that levels the playing field and does its best to support equal access and success for all farmers, regardless of their size or financial status.

How do I buy a Cup of Excellence® and/or ACE National Winner?

A roaster/retailer or importer becomes a member and then purchases Cup of Excellence and/or ACE National Winner samples. Purchasing the samples also gives the company the opportunity to buy the coffees at the auction. 200 gram samples of each winning coffee is sent after the competition to be analyzed again by the roaster. At the scheduled date and time companies registered for one or both auctions can go to the ACE site and place bids to purchase their desired coffee. The Cup of Excellence auction is a timed auction lasting a few hours, the National Winners auction is a multi-day platform. Once the auctions have ended, the buyer coordinates payment and shipping with the exporter chosen for that country’s program. Detailed information about the bidding, buying, and shipping process is sent to all registered bidders prior to the auction.

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