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ACE Lab is located within the Alliance for Coffee Excellence’s global headquarters, in Portland, Oregon. The ACE Lab is a Global Coffee Center (GCC) for the Cup of Excellence Program. ACE Lab is the first certified Q Venue for the Professional level in the world. The ACE lab is proud to be an In-Country Partner (ICP) for CQI. Our goal is to be a hub for a successful and busy community of coffee professionals.

The ACE Lab is a professionally equipped cupping lab, brew training, classroom, and event space. ACE Lab has everything needed to host cupping classes, workshops, brew training sessions, office days and events.


Classroom Includes:

  • Seating for 24 people
  • Q certified for 14 students
  • Flexible layout of tables & chairs
  • Overhead projection with audio
  • Sonos system
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Posters and equipment needed for Q Classes
  • Climate Controlled
  • Video Conferencing
  • Printer/ Scanner
  • Power outlets

Coffee Lab Includes:

  • La Marzocco Linea PB, 2-group Espresso Machine with built-in scales*
  • Mahlkönig K-30 Vario Espresso Grinder
  • Mahlkönig EK-43 Coffee Grinder
  • Mahlkönig Guatemala Lab Grinder
  • Probat Sample Roaster*
  • 2 BUNN 5 gal. Hot Water Towers
  • BUNN Twin Brewer Infusion Serries
  • GC Custom Water Filtration System
  • Induction Burners
  • Hot Water Kettles
  • Goose Neck Kettles
  • Manual Brew Equipment (V60, Chemex, Kalita)
  • Over 250 Cupping Bowls
  • Cupping Spoons
  • Graduated Cylinders
  • 8 Le Nes du Cafe Kits
  • SCA Green Grading Matts
  • SCA Green Defect Handbooks
  • 4 Larger Cupping Tables
  • CQI Certified for 14
  • Broad Spectrum Lighting
  • Blackout Shades & LED Red Lights
  • Dishwasher / Utility Sink

Classes, Events, and Common Rentals:

  • COE: Sensory Education Train, COE Global Coffee Center for Ethiopian and Central American Cup of Excellence Competitions. Local cupping events to showcase CoE coffee
  • ACE: Privet Collection Auction Cuppings, Board Meetings
  • CQI: Q Cupping Essentials, Q Arabica, Q Processing Generalist, Q Calibration
  • SCA: Foundations of Coffee, Instructor Development Program, Grading, Evaluation and Roasting Coffee Courses.
  • World Coffee Research: Meetings, cuppings, and office days
  • Various roasters and importers: Sample roasting, cupping, events
  • Local cafes: Brew trainings
  • Nike: Team building events
  • Offsite office days
  • Small Conferences

How To Rent

If you would like more information about renting or have questions about the ACE Lab please call Alex Pond at (503) 208-2872.

Email: [email protected]

ACE Members receive a discounted price
Hourly rates available

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