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The auction will be on May 18th, 2021

We are the Mierisch family, Nicaraguan coffee producers since 1908, with farms perched in the beautiful mountains of Matagalpa and Jinotega. Our private auction “Los Favorites” was born in 2013 as an initiative to show the world the exquisiteness and allure of the coffees produced by Fincas Mierisch in Nicaragua.

Characterized by cultivating different varieties and experimenting with distinct post-harvest processes, the lots are chosen from the cream of the crop of the family ‘s eight farms. Quality is not a coincidence. Quality is hard work that is built every day. We are a generation that is passionate about coffee and our mission is always focused on continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainability.

The first auction was carried out in 2013 obtaining the best price of USD $ 100.00/lb for the Laurina Washed from Finca La Escondida. Purchased by our long time partners from Wataru.

After 5 years away, and having gone through a socio-political crisis in Nicaragua and a global pandemic, we have made the decision to re-launch Los Favoritos for 2021; with much more enthusiasm to show and share our Greatest Hits with the world!

By pinpointing exceptional producers with the Private Collection program, ACE will curate auctions with organizations and farmers who best exemplify ACE’s standards with its Cup of Excellence programming and hopes to expand its reach with these curated auctions. 

To learn more about being on this jury, membership, and access to the Private Collection auctions, please reach out to ACE at [email protected]

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