Private Collection Auction of

Guatemalan Specialty Coffee

The auction will be July 28, 2022.

The National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafé) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have come together to launch the second edition of the “One of a Kind Guatemala” auction, marking the auction’s first Private Collection Auction installment. With the goal of expanding market access for producers while showcasing Guatemala’s innovative nano and micro-lots, the One of a Kind auction will help to introduce lesser-know producers to the world.

“The dedication and experience of the producers who grow these coffees under shade, the hand picking of each coffee cherry at the exact point of maturity, microclimates, types of soil, altitudes in mountainous and volcanic areas, combine to produce one of the best coffees in the world, coffees from Guatemala” (Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, Marketing Coordinator at Anacafé).


Samples & Registration

Please note that when you buy a sample set, you will automatically be registered for the auction.

GCC Judges

These coffees are scored and evaluated by our Global Coffee Centers (GCC). You can learn more about GCCs here.

Alex Pond
ACE Head Judge
Cristiano Portis
1895 by Lavazza
Milorad Sekulovic
Cypher urban roastery
United Arab Emirates
Jakub Hartl
La Boheme Cafe s.r.o.
Jasmine Jungmin Lee
Marisstella Coffee
South Korea
Philip Pollen
Pablo & Rusty’s
Penny Skordaki
Roasters Kolektiva
Anastasios Kodellas
Roasters Kolektiva
Chih Chia Chen
Shinn Nan World Trade Co., Ltd. / Full Sweet Coffee
Taiwan / Thailand

By pinpointing exceptional producers with the Private Collection program, ACE will curate auctions with organizations and farmers who best exemplify ACE’s standards with its Cup of Excellence programming and hopes to expand its reach with these curated auctions. 

To learn more about being on this jury, membership, and access to the Private Collection auctions, please reach out to ACE at [email protected]

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