Trade Logistics Partners

We have reached out and established a working collaboration with current members who have a strong background in logistics and imports to facilitate the import of lots acquired through our auctions. As an ACE member, you will have access to this program in which the Trade Logistics Parters (TLP) will provide lot importing services for those buyers who require assistance. These companies will charge a reasonable tariff for their import services, offering an option to buyers who require assistance to import their coffee to go so smoothly. The TLP partners are in different countries around the world and will provide import services for their markets. We are working continually to include additional TLPs in more countries globally.

A second aspect we have been working on with our in-country partners has been establishing special door-to-door rates with couriers around the world. In 2021, we were able to successfully work with FedEx Express. The door-to-door service allows the coffee to be delivered to the Cup of Excellence teams around the world to facilitate procurement when it comes to the logistics of our coffee with the ultimate purpose of discovering and rewarding outstanding quality coffees and their farmers around the world.