Best of Yemen 2023

Qima Coffee and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) are proud to announce their continued partnership to launch the fifth edition of the Private Collection Auction series in Yemen: The Best of Yemen 2023.

The auction will be on August 8th, 2023.



The Best of Yemen 2023 auction will focus on the theme of “Cultivating Innovation.” The event aims to showcase and create awareness about the extensive research and development work conducted by Qima Coffee and its partners over the last few years. The goal is to highlight the potential impact of this work on the coffee sector in Yemen and the livelihoods of farmers. The holistic approach of Qima Coffee’s R&D program focuses on improving farm-level productivity, genetics, post-harvest processing, and traceability technology. Qima Coffee was established with the aim of utilising coffee as a vehicle for sustainable livelihood generation for Yemen’s rural community.

Qima Coffee’s beliefs are grounded in helping to improve the lives and livelihoods of rural coffee communities and challenging perceptions of Yemen: from a place of war, poverty and destruction to a place of hope and truly unique speciality coffee. Over the years, to better understand the landscape of Yemeni coffee, Qima has invested in research that looks into the complexity of genetics in Yemeni coffee which, in turn, could hold the key to tackling key global challenges facing the coffee industry.

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable practices and driving economic growth and community development in Yemen, 10% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Qima Foundation to support R&D programs in Yemen, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices while driving economic growth and community development in the region.


Samples & Registration

Join us in celebrating the Best of Yemen’s specialty coffee.

Please note that when you buy a sample set, you will automatically be registered for the auction. 

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