Qima Coffee and ACE Present

Best of Yemen 2022

Private Collection Auction of

Yemeni Specialty Coffee

The auction will be August 9, 2022.

Qima Coffee and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) are proud to host the Best of Yemen 2022 auction to celebrate and showcase Yemeni coffee. To highlight and celebrate Yemeni coffee’s role in promoting peace and development in Yemen, this year’s auction theme will be “Catalyzing Peace and Prosperity”.

Founder and CEO of Qima Coffee, Faris Sheibani, states “Over the last few years, through our work with both Qima Coffee and the Qima Foundation, we have established numerous coffee development projects to deliver sustainable long-term livelihood generation in the communities we operate in. We have seen first-hand the critical role coffee can play as a vehicle for peace and development and the hope and ambition it represents to those who may otherwise be pulled into the destructive forces of the conflict. It is no secret that Yemen is in the throes of one of the worst civil conflicts in the country’s history. Whilst this is something that we often prefer not to dwell on as it reinforces the problematic narrative of Yemen as a failed, helpless nation, we are taking the opportunity this year to highlight and celebrate coffee’s role as a messenger and vehicle of peace and prosperity to support Yemen through its troubled times. In line with this ethos, and as part of our commitment to supporting peace and development, we will be donating 10% of auction proceeds to the Qima Foundation to fund an upcoming development project in one of Yemen’s most conflict-stricken regions.”


Samples & Registration

Please note that when you buy a sample set, you will automatically be registered for the auction. 

By pinpointing exceptional producers with the Private Collection program, ACE will curate auctions with organizations and farmers who best exemplify ACE’s standards with its Cup of Excellence programming and hopes to expand its reach with these curated auctions. 

To learn more about being on this jury, membership, and access to the Private Collection auctions, please reach out to ACE at [email protected]

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