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25th Anniversary

1999 saw the inception of the first internet auction for award winning specialty coffees. This pivotal moment turned into the Cup of Excellence® program which has fundamentally changed specialty coffee. In 2024, we are proud to announce the 25th anniversary of this historic event. It brought unequaled transparency to the industry as well as created a way for buyers and farmers to build relationships and work together.

Over the years, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence has remained dedicated to promoting and celebrating high-quality producers and their coffee. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is a family of global coffee lovers that supports sustainable specialty coffee. We auction unique coffees while recognizing and rewarding the farmers who produce them by setting worldwide quality standards and building bridges between coffee buyers and the farmers.
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All ACE members receive a welcome packet with a personalized membership certificate and more as well as member-only pricing and benefits.

Join the ACE family to experience true excellence in coffee while supporting the producers.

Membership Levels

Community Member

The Community level is our basic membership package and allows you access to Alliance for Coffee Excellence and Cup Of Excellence programs at a special membership rate.

Your annual Community membership includes:

  • Choose Cup of Excellence and National Winners sample sets and/or auction registration(s) at member-only pricing from 2024 participating countries:
      • Mexico 2024
      • Thailand 2024
      • Honduras 2024
      • El Salvador 2024
      • Costa Rica 2024
      • Guatemala 2024
      • Nicaragua 2024
      • Perú 2024
      • Brazil 2024
      • Taiwan 2024
      • Colombia 2024
      • Ethiopia 2024
  • 20% discount off your tuition for  Education, Technical Training and Immersion Courses
  • Sponsor discounts
  • Priority placement on COE International Juries (based on space availability at ACE’s discretion) Check ACE’s website for the opening of 2024 International Jury registration
  • 2024 Welcome packet including a Community membership certificate
  • Exclusive invitation to COE cuppings and events
  • Quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with ACE and COE

Benefactor Member

The Benefactor Member level gives you all of our member-only benefits and includes a small donation to help further the mission of ACE and COE.

Your annual Benefactor membership includes:

  • 11 COE/NW country sample sets + auction registrations. Sample sets will be automatically shipped when available. Additional country sample sets (if available) may be purchased at the member-only price.
        • Thailand 2024
        • Mexico 2024
        • Honduras 2024
        •  El Salvador 2024
        •  Costa Rica 2024
        •  Guatemala 2024
        •  Nicaragua 2024
        •  Perú 2024
        •  Brazil 2024
        •  Taiwan 2024
        •  Colombia 2024
        •  Ethiopia       *NOTE: Ethiopia 2024 is a stand-alone product and is not included in Benefactor packages. Ethiopia samples may be ordered separately.
  • Access to the full Cup Of  Excellence/National Winner farm history on our Farm Directory website
  • 1 complimentary jury registration (based on space availability at ACE’s discretion) – Check ACE’s website for the opening of 2024 International Jury registration
  • Priority placement on Cup Of Excellence International Juries (based on space availability at ACE’s discretion)
  • 25% discount on Education, Technical Training and Immersion courses
  • 2024 Welcome packet including a 2024 Benefactor membership certificate
  • 8X10” custom Benefactor Supporter membership plaque

Affiliate Member

This membership is designed for businesses who do not directly purchase green coffee but support the coffee industry such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. Your membership serves as a donation to further support ACE and COE in their mission to discover quality specialty farmers and connect them with international buyers through our online auction.

In addition to your support, you will receive:

  • 20% discount on Education, Technical Training and Immersion  courses
  • Annual access to COE/NW farm history on our Farm Directory website
  • 3 days complimentary use of the ACE labs in Portland, OR (based on availability)
  • 8X10 custom plaque to let your customers know you support Excellence.

Member Benefits

See What Our Members are Saying

  • “I respect ACE since the top of the specialty coffees are rewarded and available for me to buy. I could not find them if the competition did not exist.”

    Nikos Psomas MOKKA COFFEE - Athens, Greece
  • "COE has always played a huge role in our company. Our goal is to buy a lot from every auction and attend as many juries as possible. We would like our baristas and customers to enjoy the great quality of COE coffee, both served in our stores as black coffee and by the bag to bring back home."

    Synøve Nesøen KAFFEBRENNERIET - Oslo, Norway
  • “We have been fortunate to be able to purchase COE winner lots and bring them to our corner of Europe...Sharing these exclusive coffees with other coffee enthusiasts is one of the best parts of our day.”

    Jordan Dabov DABOV SPECIALTY COFFEE - Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo from Ryan’s Coffee Roaster