What We Do for Coffee Producers

Winning Cup of Excellence


Producers Reap Huge
Financial Reward for their Winning Coffees

  • Direct payment from Auction is an economic windfall and leads to greater farm improvements in quality and development. Over the past 20 years, the COE auctions have garnered over $60 million in revenues to thousands of coffee farmers
  • Recognition from winning any place in the competition changes a farmer’s life forever and positively affects the entire micro region
  • Buyers visit winners and their neighbors to develop long-term business relationships for greater volume of premium coffee
  • Required Transparency to individual farmers and Access to the competition levels the economic playing field and allows all farmers regardless of size to benefit.

Infrastructure Development Creates
Longer Term Sustainability for Entire Country

  • Trained National cuppers with Improved Career potential
  • Quality Selection, Roasting and Cupping preparation up to Int’l standards
  • Identification of and help solving specific quality issues
  • Competition process gives farmers- exporters- importers feedback on many unknown coffees and regions- every country has discovered unknown regions.
  • Regional Appellation Development
  • Teaches Farmers and Countries About Marketplace Demands
  • Shared Global Knowledge impacts every coffee-growing country
  • Indirect benefits to COE countries add millions of additional dollars to their coffee farmers due to quality increased premium trade and quality improvement.

When the best is the only thing good enough…

Cup of Excellence is the only choice!

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