What we do for coffee buyers

Cup of Excellence has

discovered incredible coffees

Building Profits for the
Successful Specialty Roaster

  • Each competition discovers previously unknown Farmers and delivers in-depth stories about the coffee and the farm
  • Transparency to the farmer supports building long-term sustained business relationships
  • Discovery of new coffees, varieties, farms, and regions create a pathway for profits
  • Long-standing tradition of blending unique coffees is minimized
  • Financial reward to farmers creates incentives for experimental and higher volumes of exceptional quality
  • Solving quality issues at origin positively impacts purchases and deliveries
  • A Cup of Excellence award entices consumers wanting unique coffees with both integrity and exquisite flavors
  • Huge Marketing Opportunity for Winning Bidders at each Auction

The Competition Process Itself
Creates Higher Quality Standards

  • International Cuppers benefit from Increased skill
  • Shared vocabulary builds consensus
  • Enhanced sensory and value judgment improve profitability
  • Highest sample preparation standards create more effective coffee evaluation
  • Collaboration enhances global knowledge

When the best is the only thing good enough…

Cup of Excellence is the only choice!

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