What We Do for Coffee Lovers

Cup of Excellence is

the most prestigious coffee award and it benefits farmers

A Cup of Excellence Awarded Coffee

  • Is so rare that only a very small number each year receive this coveted award
  • Is so good it has scored high in a minimum 5 phase competition by professional judges
  • Is handled with the care saved for only the most valuable products
  • Is a stunning representation of the microclimate, the variety, and the process.
  • Is skillfully roasted to perfection to unlock its flavors

Cup of Excellence Winning Farmers

  • Receive huge financial premiums for their exquisite coffee
  • Garner individual and family recognition for the farm
  • Create long-term direct trade and sustainable relationships with buyers
  • Learn cutting-edge skills in coffee production
  • Help develop their entire coffee community

When the best is the only thing good enough…

Cup of Excellence is the only choice!

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