SET Course – TAIWAN (Sept. 19 – 22, 2019)


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September 19 – 22, 2019

Orsir Coffee Lab & Roastery


Address: No.16 , Aly.25 , Ln.2 , Sec.1 , Zhongxing Rd. , Dali Dist. , Taichung City 412 , Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-24933603

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The Alliance for Coffee excellence in proud to announce we are hosting a SET course in Taiwan. The course will be hosted be our dear friends at Orsir Coffee Lab & Roastery in Taichung City and will be instructed by COE Head Judge Scott Conary.

As Owner of award-winning Cafe’s in Chapel Hill, NC (USA), along with his wholesale roastery, Carrboro Coffee Roasters; Scott has had many opportunities to travel, teach and learn about coffee production, process, selection, roasting, retail and quality trends for the last 20+ years. He is an active educator in the Industry in most all disciplines and consults for cafes and businesses nationally & around the world for technical skill, knowledge, and competition. He serves as a World Coffee Events Representative and Certified Head Judge for the World Coffee Championships for the last 15 years and is also an instructor for the WCE Judge Certification program.  Scott sits on multiple WCE & SCA Committees, & has been active as a member of the CQI Coffee Corp. He has been involved in the Cup of Excellence Program since 2007 & a Head Judge for the last 5 years.

Over the four-day course you will participate in:

  • In-depth lectures and discussions on COE, what is specialty coffee and what makes COE coffee unique.
  • Various sensory exercises designed to help you grow in how you perceive and understand aroma and taste. These exercises will be the start of learning to calibrate with the group.
  • Tastings designed to demonstrate the importance of correct cupping procedure and the effects of different variables on cup profile.
  • Tasting common defects in coffee.
  • Learning about the COE method for scoring coffee.
  • Calibrating with a diverse group of cuppers over multiple cupping sessions.
  • Introduction and discussion around COE’s unique way of evaluating cuppers skill and confidants.
  • A test designed after the program COE uses to select National Jury members.

Classes will begin at 9:00 and finish at 4:30 pm with an hour break for lunches, which will be provided. Be prepared to experience Cup of Excellence (COE). You’ll cup many different coffees, processes and cultivars, practice logistics and cupping protocol of a COE cupping and take an exam just like National Jury sensory professionals. This will show you how you are calibrated with the rest of the jury as well as your sensory confidence with samples that are representative score.

The first two days we focus on COE cupping, the protocol of identifying qualities, identifying common flavor attributes, scoring and a common language. We then will advance to expose all participants to technical approach on our quality variables, different varietals and some common defects. Sessions include lab, lecture and active discussions. We will also provide coffees from other countries for you to taste and learn; processed naturals and honeys/pulped naturals & varieties, etc.

The third day will be filled with multiple cupping and calibration sessions. The fourth day of the class will be the “test” with three cuppings back to back.

We’ll be actively standing during cupping and seated for discussions so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Absolutely no use of perfume or cologne allowed. Lunches to be provided.

Please bring with you a notebook and if you like, samples of your roasted beans. You’ll have the opportunity to see other coffees from other attendees.

At the beginning of the class you will receive a COE cupping spoon and an apron along with other fun things. Upon completion of the class you will receive a certificate of completion signed by your instructor.  Within three weeks’ time you will receive an email containing the results of your testing. The information you receive will be in the same format as those who undergo national jury testing.

This experience is intended to share with you the Cup of Excellence program, improve your cupping and sensory evaluation skills and to share with others in a jury setting. This is the best way to learn and calibrate your sensory skills. Thank you for joining us

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The Place Hotel Taichung 大毅老爺酒店

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No. 601, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-4-2376-6732

Traffic and local transit information

Main airport is TPE international airport

Please book the flight to TPE airport    

The best way to get from the airport to the hotel is by taxi                                                      

* From TPE airport there is two option first, take the MRT subway to High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station(高鐵桃園站), then purchase the ticket to Taichung  Station, it will take around 45 min, when arrival Taichung High speed rail station you may take taxi to the hotel or, from the station take the shuttle bus No. 159 to Taichung National Museum stop then, walk around 5-10 min to the hotel. The second option is from the airport take the bus to Taichung City and drop at SOGO department stop then by taxi. The bus to Taichung City will take 2 and half hour depends on traffic, from SOGO department Taichung, will take less than 10 min

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