Seven Seeds of Melbourne, Australia has been sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving coffee for 10 years. They currently have 3 cafes – Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan and Traveller Coffee. In true Australian style, Seven Seeds, the largest of the 3 locations, serves more than just coffee…they are a brunch destination and local spot for the University of Melbourne. Brother Baba Budan and Traveller Coffee are smaller and serve specialty coffee, pastries and cakes.

Employing a staff of approximately 60 in the roastery, office and cafes, they serve locals, commuters, workers, tourists and out-of-towners every day. Community Manager, Alison Lyons says, “A coffee in Melbourne is on the bucket list of many tourists”, and the team at all of their locations are aware that they might be serving those tourists their first “really good coffee”. They hope that customers will question why Seven Seeds specialty coffee is different from what they are used to drinking.

As a member of ACE for 10+ years, Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds stated that “COE has been a great forum to interact with like minded coffee people and producers. Starting out, COE gave us the opportunity to cup and access stunning coffees, to cup in a competition format and have access to understanding other markets and countries.”

Find out more about Seven Seeds at and on IG @7seescoffee.

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