E-commerce marketplace gives buyers direct access to Ethiopian micro-lots

Through a continued partnership with coffee technology and services company, M-Cultivo and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, roasters will have the opportunity to directly purchase micro-lots evaluated by the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia National Jury but did not move forward to the International Jury in the Cup of  Excellence Ethiopia 2022 competition. In collaboration with ACE, M-Cultivo will offer these unique coffees on an e-commerce marketplace for a limited time. Designated Ethiopia Select, these coffees will be available for purchase from August 8 to September 15.

The Ethiopia Select micro-lots curated by the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia National Jury will mirror several features that accompany Cup of Excellence winning lots including farm information & photos, sensory & physical analysis, and storage in a bonded warehouse to assure quality. More than 80 producers’ coffees will be offered during the campaign, with an average lot score of 86.5. Buyers can register now for access to the marketplace, where they’ll be able to purchase coffees by the sack (60 kg)directly on the website starting August 8. Buyers do not have to be ACE members, nor do they have to bid on the coffees. The price for these micro-lots starts at US$5.00/lb FOB, plus the cost of freight, insurance, and import to their roastery.

“M-Cultivo’s mission is to enable more equitable supply chains for producers. We are excited to further serve producers by featuring some of the best Ethiopian coffees on the marketplace.,” said M Cultivo founder and CEO, David Paparelli.

This new sales channel for farmers in Ethiopia is the second iteration of the program in which coffees cupped by the Cup of Excellence National Jury have been offered through an online marketplace. After a successful pilot program in Brazil, plans are in the works for a Brazil Select 2022 marketplace offering. The goal of the marketplace is to provide turnkey direct-trade coffees that have been validated by the Cup of Excellence’s trusted vetting and cupping process.

“After an initial pilot program in Brazil we are pleased to announce this program platform for over 80 individual farmers in Ethiopia to expand and double the reach we have in securing higher premiums for these producers who’ve entered into CoE and this partnership Marketplace platform is just another sign of our support for Ethiopian coffee and its dynamic history in specialty coffee”, said Alliance for Coffee Excellence Executive Director, Darrin Daniel.

For this year’s Marketplace, Bagersh Coffee will be the exporting partner, handling the exportation of all micro-lots.  For registration access and information please visit www.mcultivo.com

M-Cultivo provides coffee producers technology services to digitalize their supply chains, offering them better opportunities to compete more fully in the global marketplace. The primary ways we partner with coffee producers are through supply chain management technologies tailored specifically to coffee production, and access-to-market solutions that provide commerce enablement like our Auctions and Marketplaces.

About Cup of Excellence®

Cup of Excellence (CoE) is a nonprofit 501c (3) tax exempt organization that owns and manages the Cup  of Excellence® competition process, conducts training, testing, research projects and other activities  designed to increase the discovery and recognition of handcrafted coffees, high quality farmers and the  appreciation of exemplary coffees worldwide. For more information, please visit cupofexcellence.org.

About The Alliance for Coffee Excellence

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is a nonprofit 501c (6) tax exempt organization dedicated to the  discovery, appreciation, and reward for top quality coffees. Its mission to support excellence in coffee  includes trading and auction activities that result in the development of higher incomes and sustainable  economic development for its partner coffee producing countries. ACE conducts transparent auctions  rewarding individual farmers who work hard to produce exemplary coffees including Cup of Excellence®  competition winners, Private Collection Auctions and others that meet its requirements. ACE also  conducts cuppings, marketing, events, training, and other activities designed to increase understanding,  appreciation, and premiums for exemplary coffee worldwide. ACE enjoys a global membership of top  tier coffee companies.

Anna Abatzoglou, Cup of Excellence

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David Paparelli, M-Cultivo


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