Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence Hall of Fame

Cup of Excellence is proud to have had thousands of judges presiding over hundreds of National coffee competitions dating back to 1999. These sensory coffee professionals are celebrated for the true commitment to the quest for coffee excellence and their contributions to the livelihood of coffee farmers around the world.

Thanks to all the dedicated international judges who volunteered their time. We here at ACE wanted to give our appreciation to the judges below.

~50 or More:

Kentaro Maruyama, 60

~40 or More:

Yuko Itoi, 47

~30 or More

Hidetaka Hayashi, 35

Shinji Sekine, 30

~20 or More

Yoshi Kato, 27

Katsuhide Izaki, 25

Sherri Johns, 24

Yunson Lee, 23

Joe Hsu, 22

Geoff Watts, 21

~ Head Judges: 20 or More:

Paul Songer, 28

Silvio Leite, 26

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