Cup of Excellence & Alliance for Coffee Excellence Team Up With Comandante

The nonprofits Cup of Excellence (CoE) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have formed a partnership with Germany-based Comandante that will extend to CoE competition equipment, farmer rewards, product collaborations, ACE membership benefits, and Sensory Education Training (SET). All three organizations are strongly focused on quality, helping to foster a natural partnership.

“ACE, CoE, and Comandante are all essentially working towards the same goal: boosting the global access to and appreciation of coffee quality. Our connection actually goes way back and CoE was one of the reasons why we founded Comandante. In our early days as specialty coffee roasters – judging, roasting, and selling COE coffees – the best grinders were too big, heavy, and expensive for the typical home user. We wanted to make these coffees and their full potential more accessible, so we decided to design and build our own burrs and grinders. Along with ACE and CoE, we are set on pushing the reach of great coffee further and providing the means and tools to empower more people to produce, roast, and brew it!” said Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Comandante Grinder Technologies, Raphael Braune.

A driving force for our organizations is to advance excellence in coffee and in doing so, team up with organizations like Comandante who are similarly aligned in purpose. With their established background in both coffee and engineering, bringing world-class products to the market, they have been a game-changer in our coffee industry. We’re excited to work with the brilliant Comandante team for many years to come,” said Managing Director, Marketing and Membership for ACE & CoE, Anna Abatzoglou.

Comandante creates solid tools to help coffee lovers bring out the best in their coffee. Known for their hand grinders and burr-technology, Comandante will soon release additional products, including an innovative new bean tray design. An official ACE bean tray and Cup of Excellence edition grinder are also in the works. 

ACE members and CoE partner country organizations will enjoy discounts on the bean trays as part of this partnership. Comandante will provide the top three winners of each CoE competition with a CoE edition trophy grinder.  The organizations will work on a special Nitro Blade® burr for ACE labs and CoE country grinders as well. 



COMANDANTE® creates solid tools to help coffee lovers unleash the full flavour potential of beautiful coffees. Their passionate grinder technology experts chase consistent, repeatable results by virtue of world class grind performance. Combining their established backgrounds in coffee and engineering, COMANDANTE® invested years of R&D in the onsite lab to create their pioneering burr set Nitro Blade®, which took mobile hand grinder performance to a completely different level.
The now iconic C40 Nitro Blade® grinder is the original game changer for passionate home baristas, and has even become the go-to grinder for Brewer’s Cup champions all over the world. The COMANDANTE® team’s unwavering focus on nerdy details, material science and laboratory analysis drives continuous product refinement and strict quality standards. Every grinder is hand-assembled just outside Munich and engineered to last a lifetime. For more information, please visit

About Cup of Excellence®
Cup of Excellence (CoE) is a nonprofit 501c (3) tax-exempt organization that owns and manages the Cup of Excellence® competition process, conducts training, testing, research projects, and other activities designed to increase the discovery and recognition of handcrafted coffees, high-quality farmers and the appreciation of exemplary coffees worldwide. For more information, please visit

About The Alliance for Coffee Excellence
The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is a nonprofit 501c (6) tax-exempt organization dedicated to the discovery, appreciation, and reward for top-quality coffees. Its mission to support excellence in coffee includes trading and auction activities that result in the development of higher incomes and sustainable economic development for its partner coffee-producing countries. ACE conducts transparent auctions rewarding individual farmers who work hard to produce exemplary coffees including Cup of Excellence® competition winners, Private Collection Auctions and others that meet its requirements. ACE also conducts cuppings, marketing, events, training, and other activities designed to increase understanding, appreciation, and premiums for exemplary coffee worldwide. ACE enjoys a global membership of top-tier coffee companies.

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