Botánica of Quito-Ecuador is one of ACE’s newest members. Owner, Camila Khalife has worked in the coffee industry for 6 years and opened her specialty coffee shop 4 years ago. During this period, she has grown and expanded the business to green coffee analysis and quality consulting for farms and exporters. They will soon be adding a cupping and teaching lab as well.

Botánica is a business comprised of Camila and 2 employees. Specialty retail coffee stores are a new industry in Ecuador so most of Botánica’s customers are tourists who already appreciate specialty coffee. They are excited; however, to share specialty coffee with the locals in their area by offering workshops for coffee lovers and aficionados.

As a new member of ACE, Botánica sees their membership and COE coffee as a great opportunity to better understand the potential that special coffee has and to access different coffees from around the globe.

Learn more about Botánica on Facebook @ botanica.quito and on Instagram @botanicaquito

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