MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: RedMeow Coffee-Roastery

RedMeow Coffee-Roastery

ACE member for 3 years

Hong Kong

RedMeow Coffee is about coffee and passion. They are a wholesale micro-roastery founded in 2016 with a business focused on roasting and bringing quality with a unique personality to their customers in China and Hong Kong. A small but fierce operation, Red Meow consists of owner Alex Tai wan Fung and one assistant.

Alex says that participating on COE International Juries and purchasing COE coffees has shown his customers that he is committed to bringing quality to the market and influencing fair trade. He believes  his membership in ACE has influenced the character of his company and tells his customers that he cares about origin and quality. Thanks for your support Alex!

Find Alex and RedMeow Coffee on FB and IG @RedMeowCoffee or email him at [email protected]

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