Alliance for Coffee Excellence Announces First Taiwanese Coffee Auction

Taiwan Coffee Laboratory, on behalf of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan R.O.C. (Taiwan) and Taiwan Coffee Association have teamed up with Alliance for Coffee Excellence to announce 9 winning coffees for the first ever Private Collection Auction of Taiwanese specialty coffee. The winning lots which scored 86 points and higher, represent 3 varieties and 3 processes. The first-place lot, a natural Gesha, and third place lot, a honey Gesha, both came from Zhuo Wu Mountain Coffee Farm, produced by Ting-Yeh Hsu. 

Originally a tea farm, Zhuo Wu Mountain began cultivating coffee in 2001. Increasing production over the last 20 years, the coffee farm now covers six hectares of land. The 1,200-meter-high altitude of the farm creates a low temperature environment, increasing the sugar content of the coffee. Through careful selection of coffee varieties, diverse processing methods, and the use of natural spring water, Zhuo Wu Mountain Coffee Farm’s coffees are clean and smooth. 

 “Our hardworking coffee farmers, ever curious and ever responsive to market demands, are incredible professionals. They experiment with varieties, grafting, pruning, harvesting, processing, fermenting, always remaining fully committed to their craft, said Krude Lin, president and founder of Taiwan Coffee Laboratory.

Taiwanese farmers have been growing coffee for more than a hundred years. The island of Taiwan, with its high elevation mountain ranges and diverse microclimates, supports a range of coffee varieties and processes. Much of the coffee, produced by experts in refining the details of world-renowned tea, are ready to show the world their quality and unique flavor profiles. 

“With a diversity of coffee varieties, and the many thoughtfully detailed processing steps found in these different farms, we found a wide range of flavor profiles and experiences when cupping the samples. Flavors ranged from unique and juicy tropical fruits, dark sugar sweetness and intense floral notes, to interesting umami and spice experiences that made these coffees really stand out,” commented Head Judge Scott Conary.  

 A team of 26 panelists representing 5 countries analyzed 19 samples, selecting 9 to go to the auction. In addition, 6 coffees that scored between 85 and 85.99 points will be included in sample sets and will be available for sale directly through Taiwan Coffee Labs. 

“Though the volumes are small at this moment, you can be sure of the offerings being scaled up in the future once the world experiences them. Meanwhile, you should take the opportunity to experience these limited gems, that show the inherent value of coffee production in Taiwan, and a glimpse into the future!” said Conary.

Since Taiwan Coffee Laboratory started working with the central government and local governments to organize national coffee evaluations and regional competitions, they have witnessed a significant increase in the cup qualities of locally grown specialty coffee. This auction will honor the incredible work of the local Taiwanese coffee farmers and share their prize coffees with the rest of the world. This partnership, which was established as part of ACE’s mission to recognize and reward exceptional producers, strives to increase farmer access to premium markets.

“Taiwan is probably the most saturated place in the world in terms of specialty coffee culture. The booming consumer market and the close proximity of coffee farms and urban centers motivate local baristas, roasters, and coffee traders to visit and connect with the producers. In the past, we used to think that consumers or retailers in big cities and the coffee farmers who produce the coffee exist in two non-overlapping spheres. That is no longer true in Taiwan; the ever more regular interactions and philosophical exchanges between the consumer market and the farms now allow both to more clearly explore cup qualities for all,” commented Krude Lin.

About the winners:

    • 9 winning lots, scored 86.09-89.77
    • Variety breakdown: 4 Gesha, 4 SL 34, 1 unknown
    • Process breakdown: 2 honey, 6 natural, 1 washed

The auction will be held on August 31, 2021. For more information about the coffees, auction and to order samples, please visit

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