Let us introduce you to Combs Coffee from Texas in the USA. Combs Coffee and their 3 employees are the only US coffee company that gets to say they are the “only solar powered coffee and cacao Nano roasteries in the USA.” They also operate a retail coffee shop and own 2 solar powered electric food trucks. They provide roasted specialty coffee to a variety of customers including Natural Grocers food store chain, businesses of all sizes, local coffee vendors, restaurants, etc., as well as selling their coffee online through Amazon.

Founder James Combs learned of COE through some of their producing partners in Central America. He  looks forward to COE introducing his business to COE new coffees from new producers in various growing regions. He also looks forward to learning more about the cultures of these different regions.

Visit them at and on facebook @combscoffee3 and on Instagram @combscoffee

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