MOKKA COFFEE, Athens Greece

Mokka Coffee is located in Athens, Greece where they have been pursuing the best in coffee for 4 generations. Their main business is roasting – something they have been doing since 1992. Based in the historic center of Athens in a neoclassical building, they operate a traditional coffee shop, a café, a training center and a production center where they roast coffees, provide technical equipment support and educate baristas. They supply roasted coffee to more than 500 businesses as well as to individuals who want to experience the best.

Mokka Coffee has been a member of ACE for 18 years. Nikos Psomas of Mokka says, “I respect the competition since the top of the specialty coffees are rewarded and available for me to buy. I could not find them if the competition did not exist.” He trusts that by using COE coffee in his business it is an advantage to his customers, Mokka’s image and his reputation.

More information about Mokka can be found at and on Facebook and Instagram

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