Meet Tamas and the team of Dragonfly Coffee Roasters in Boulder, Colorado USA. Dragonfly has been an ACE member for 3 years and was named Micro Roaster of the Year in the November/December 2018 issue of Roast Magazine. Congratulations to the Dragonfly team!

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters is a wholesale/retail specialty roasting business with a primary emphasis on quality, sustainability, ecological improvement and humanitarian support through ground level projects, sourcing and education. The Dragonfly facilities consist of a Tasting Room, Production facility and a retail space where expansion is currently underway. They currently employ a staff of 10 coffee lovers.

When asked about COE Tamas says,COE coffees play a key role in our education and sustainability programs, both of which are focused on industry and consumer level integrations. These coffees and their connection to farm level support and empowerment are ambassadors of the direction prices and value structures in specialty coffee should be steered to chart a sustainable coffee future for generations to come.”

Find Dragonfly at; and on FB, IG and Twitter @dragonflycoffee or email at [email protected]

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