Guatemala 2019

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Rank: 20
Farmer/Rep.: Perez Liquidano, Herbert Estuardo
Altitude: 1500
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Aldea La Pampa
Region: Chimaltenango
Aroma/Flavor: Honey, black tea, chocolate, cherry and lime, nutella, sweet watermelon, starwberry, wine, candy
Acidity: complex, well balanced, refined
Other: smooth, sugarcane, malty, round
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Gesha
Farm Size: 19.6 Hectares
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1683.65
Auction Lot Size (kg): 763.7


Rank: 19
Farmer/Rep.: Martinez Villatoro, Gerson Adoni
Altitude: 4,921 ft
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Hoja Blanca
Region: Huehuetenango
Aroma/Flavor: orange, fig, vanilla, grapes, cacao nibs and mollases, bergamot, black currant, necatrine, blackberyy, meyer lemon
Acidity: citric
Other: transparent, creamy and well structured body, thick syrupy mouthfeel
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Maracaturra
Farm Size: 7 manzanas
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 920.86
Auction Lot Size (kg): 417.7


Rank: 18
Farmer/Rep.: Porlamar, S. A.
Altitude: 1750 msnm
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
Region: Baja Verapaz
Aroma/Flavor: Mandarine, Orange, Raisin, Fig, Orange peel, Cherry, Honey, floral, chocolate, prune, nougat, jazmin and honey, red currant
Acidity: Tartaric, complex, Malic, Rasspberry like
Other: Transparent, smooth, syrupy sweetness
Processing system: Washed
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1940.16
Auction Lot Size (kg): 880.05


Rank: 17
Farmer/Rep.: Villatoro Villatoro, Rolando Belarmino
Altitude: 4500-600 feet
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Isnul
Region: Huehuetenango
Aroma/Flavor: Grapefruit, candy like, brown sugar, brown spice and chocolate, cedar, vanilla, plum, raspberry, butterscoth, stonefruit, pear
Acidity: Liveley and bright, kiwi, complex, red apple, malic and soft
Other: Fresh refined aftertaste, structured, complex
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Gesha
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 970.02
Auction Lot Size (kg): 440


Rank: 16
Farmer/Rep.: Perez Perez, Wilfrido Hernan
Altitude: 1500 to 1900 masl
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Agua Dulce
Region: Huehuetenango
Aroma/Flavor: Honey melon sweetness, yellow fruit, raisin, grapefruit, peach, coconut, hazelnut
Acidity: Malic Acidity, bright, liveley, complex, grapes, complex fruit acids
Other: Transparent, smooth and silky body, round
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Gesha
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1271.17
Auction Lot Size (kg): 576.6


Rank: 15
Farmer/Rep.: Juarez Solares, Guillermo Antonio
Altitude: 1700 msnm.
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Aldea Belén
Region: Santa Rosa
Aroma/Flavor: Cherries and berries, floral, jazmin, raspberry, rose, lyche, guava, kiwi
Acidity: Orange, green apple, bright, grape, juicy
Other: Syrupy, transparent, full
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Pacamara
Farm Size: 28 Hectáreas
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1792.01
Auction Lot Size (kg): 812.85


Rank: 14
Farmer/Rep.: Operadora Santa Clara, Sociedad Anonima
Altitude: 1,550 – 1,580 masl.
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Antigua
Region: Sacatepéquez
Aroma/Flavor: Ginger notes, lemon grass, honey, juicy, high sweetness, rose and kiwi, florarl, lyche, apricot, honey dew, melon, peppermint tea
Acidity: Lively, Tangy, complet, juicy, bright, organge and tangarine, pineapple
Other: Syupy sweet, well balanced, red currant jelly, smooth finish
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Gesha
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 819.67
Auction Lot Size (kg): 371.8


Rank: 13
Farmer/Rep.: De La Peña Illescas, Rosa Maria
Altitude: 4000 to 5000 feet
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: La Esperanza
Region: Huehuetenango
Aroma/Flavor: Honey, tamarinde, blood orange, pommgrenate, raspberry, japanese matcha, jazmin, rose, lyche
Acidity: Balanced and round, sweet citric, bright, tangarine
Other: Round, long aftertaste
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Typica
Farm Size: 8.07 hectares
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1134.82
Auction Lot Size (kg): 514.75


Rank: 12
Farmer/Rep.: Argueta Herrera, Erwin Humberto
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
Region: Huehuetenango
Aroma/Flavor: Mango, bergamot and peach, figs and green tea, red wine, marshmellow, cherry, caramel, grapes
Acidity: Malic, refined, crisp, citric
Other: Smooth, round, juicy aftertaste, transparent
Processing system: Washed
Variety : Caturra
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 1814.61
Auction Lot Size (kg): 823.1


Rank: 11
Farmer/Rep.: Agrocomercial Santa Felisa, Sociedad Anonima
Altitude: 5,780 to 5,277.60 fasl
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2019
City: Acatenango
Region: Chimaltenango
Aroma/Flavor: Blueberry, strawberry, orange vanilla, plum, floral, mango, melon, red wine, white wine, prunes, sugar, almonds, red currant, honey
Acidity: liveley, complex, citric, orange, grapes
Other: very balanced, juicy, syrupy, full round
Processing system: Natural
Variety : Gesha
Farm Size: 7.04 Ha
Auction Lot Size (lbs.): 888.45
Auction Lot Size (kg): 403