SET Course – Tender Coffee Academy of Coffee Cherry Roastery

SET Course Classroom

Dates: April 26 – 29, 2024

Location: KUNMING – China

Non-Member: 12,000 RMB
2024 ACE Community & Affiliate Member: 9,600 RMB
2024 ACE Benefactor Member: 9,000RMB

TO REGISTER: please email our Consultant in East Asia, CC Su ([email protected]) or to scan the WeChat mini program code below.


Over the four-day course, you will participate in:

  • In-depth lectures and discussions on CoE, specialty coffee, and what makes CoE coffee unique.
  • Various sensory exercises are designed to help you grow in perceiving and understanding aroma and taste. These exercises will be the start of learning to calibrate with the group.
  • Tastings are designed to demonstrate the importance of the correct cupping procedure and the effects of different variables on cup profiles.
  • Understanding common defects in coffee.
  • Learning about the CoE method for scoring coffee.
  • Calibrating with a diverse group of cuppers over multiple cupping sessions.
  • Introduction and discussion around CoE’s unique way of evaluating cuppers’ skills and confidence.
  • A test designed after the program CoE uses to select National Jury members.

What you will receive:

  • Priority consideration for 2024 CoE observer seats.
  • A detailed report explaining the data gathered from you cupping test.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Limited edition CoE cupping spoon.

Classes will begin at 9:00 and finish around 5:00 pm with an hour break for lunch, which will be provided. Be prepared to experience the Cup of Excellence (CoE). Students will cup many different coffees, processes, and cultivars, practice the logistics and cupping protocol of a CoE cupping, and take an exam just like National Jury sensory professionals. This will show you how you are calibrated with the rest of the jury and your sensory confidence with representative scores samples.

In the first two days, we focus on CoE cupping, the protocol of identifying qualities, identifying common flavor attributes, scoring, and a common language. We then will advance to expose all participants to a technical approach to our quality variables, different varietals, and some common defects. Sessions include lab, lecture, and active discussions. We will also provide coffees from other countries for you to taste and learn about; processed naturals and honey/pulped naturals & varieties, etc. The third day will be filled with multiple cupping and calibration sessions. The fourth day of the class will be the “test” with three cuppings back-to-back.

We’ll be actively standing during cupping and seated for discussions, so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. No use of perfume or cologne allowed. Please bring a notebook and, if you like, samples of your roasted beans. You’ll have the opportunity to see other coffees from other attendees.

You will receive a CoE cupping spoon, and other fun things at the beginning of the class. Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by your instructor.  Within one week, you will receive your testing results. The information you receive will be in the same format as those who undergo a CoE national jury testing.

This experience is intended to share the Cup of Excellence program with you, improve your cupping and sensory evaluation skills, and share with others in a jury setting. This is the best way to learn and calibrate your sensory skills. Thank you for joining us.


Coffee Cherry Roastery logo咖果咖啡 探豆咖啡学院
Coffee Cherry Roastery·Tender Coffee Academy

2/F, Block B, Platform 10, Jinding Science Park, No. 690 Xuefu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province,China.


咖果咖啡 (Coffee Cherry Roastery)成立于2016年,我们诞生在云南,是云南精品咖啡供应商,专注寻找云南精品咖啡。团队多名国际咖啡品质鉴定师Q-Grader、美国精品咖啡协会认证SCA烘焙师、美国精品咖啡协会考官。


Coffee Cherry Roastery was founded in 2016, Yunnan Province of China. We are a supplier of Yunnan specialty coffees, and the team has Q-Graders, and SCA AST’s on board. We work closely with Yunnan coffee farmers. We have presented great Yunnan coffees at SCA exhibitions in the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea, etc.

We hope that you will enjoy a cup of Yunnan coffee that can unfold a map of China’s specialty coffee in your heart.

Instructor Armando Sierra

INSTRUCTOR: Armando Sierra

Armando Sierra is a passionate coffee person with over two decades of experience in the business, he has witnessed firsthand COE contests as a National Jury and International jury in South & Central America since 2005 thus, he understands in and out the hard work behind producing a good cup of coffee.

Armando started his career as a Food Scientist and got engaged with coffee working in the field as a Quality Control Manager for the largest coffee exporter in a producer country (Colombia/FNC), Master Roaster with Specialty Roasteries (Australia/MECCA), Head of Arabica Project in Asia with major Agri-business Company (Vietnam/OLAM), entrepreneur/importer (Denmark/Star-up), Project Manager (UAE-Dubai/CYPHER), Trader and Green Coffee buyer (Korea/ SPC) and currently Director of Coffee for independent Roastery/MAGMA.

TRANSLATOR: CC Su, CoE East Asia Consultant

CQI Q Arabica Grader&CQI Q Processing Professional
Msc of Food Innovation and Product Design & Msc of Coffee Economics and Science

CC is a strong believer in education and a dedicated “producer servant” . Since graduating as China’s first Master in Coffee Economics and Science in 2014, she has been actively involved in the construction and development of coffee producing areas in Asia. She has successively held the post of the Manager of International Exchange Department of Yunnan International Coffee Exchange Center, the Manager of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) China, and the East Asia Consultant of ACE/CoE.

CC has a solid language foundation and professional knowledge of coffee, and has interpreted over 40 SCA/ CQI/CoE professional coffee training and lectures. She was the guest interpreter for the International Coffee Research Institute (ICRI) 2022 International Forum on Coffee Varieties and Breeding and that for the 2022 Yunnan Coffee Producers’ Dialogue with Willem Boot.

CC Su, CoE East Asia Consultant
Example of a Certificate of Completion


This SET course requires 12 students to register for the class to run. Once you have registered for the course, we will send you updates on the status of the class and how registration is proceeding.

SET Courses are eligible for a 100% refund for 31 days before class starts. Between 30 and 16 days before the start of class, the courses are eligible for a 50% refund. From 15 days before the beginning of the system, it is nonrefundable unless CoE cancels the course. Refunds requested over 90 days after the initial date of purchase will only be issued in the form of credit for future purchases on the CoE and ACE website.

If students are late or do not show up for class, CoE cannot ensure their cupping data will be included in group discussions, calibrations, or post-class reports, nor to grant the student a Certificate of Completion.